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These Handmade Damascus Knives are artistic and aesthetically pleasing, with wavy patterns that form on them due to forging. The acclaimed edge and strength of the Damascus Steel Knives add to their distinctive nature and make them desirable for a range of uses; even as gifts and collectibles. The epic legends of these knives dates back to the 14th century, with tales of the Damascus steel blade tearing through riffle barrels and cutting through even a single strand of hair falling across the blade. These legends paired with its vortex patterns due to the unique, contemporary forging techniques give the Custom Damascus Knives an antique quality.

The Custom Damascus Knives are not only beautiful collectibles for your home but also a terrific choice of presents for your loved ones. The assortment of Handmade Damascus Knives at Falcon Sphere consists of an extensive variety; from Bowie Knives to Collectibles, Trekking and Camping Knives to Kitchen Chef Knives, these Custom Damascus Knives for Sale are absolutely essential when it comes to catering to your needs or simply adding resplendence in your home dΓ©cor!


The super-honed, Handmade Damascus Knives with top-quality durability make them a perfect choice, both indoors and outdoors. Whether you need a sharp tool to aid you in your cooking or expertise in your hunting or fishing adventures, the solution to all your problems is our Custom Damascus Knives for Sale. Our premium Damascus Knives for Sale are offered at great prices, with free shipping in Canada and the US! Our express delivery and multiple payment options make Falcon Sphere a preferred choice for our valued customers!

Our personalized Damascus Knives for Sale are available in different remarkable patterns, with enriched handles made from Camel bone, Buffalo horn, Staghorn, Ram horn, Micarta, Walnut wood, Rosewood, and Leather. Intricately engraved to form aesthetic designs, according to the demands of our customers, our Damascus Steel Knives represent unparalleled artisanship and have been a popular choice among our customers.

The Damascus Steel Knives make for efficient kitchen knives, as the long, sharp blade assists in swiftly cutting and chopping your ingredients; whether you are a professional chef or amateur cooking at home, these knives are time-saving and add to the aesthetics of your cutlery! The vast utility of our Damascus Steel Knives for Sale, make them effective in all forms, especially as pocket knives that are tough and durable while being easy to carry around! From self-defense to cutting paper, the purpose of these knives make them even more desirable.

Our Bowie Damascus Steel Knives for Sale is perfect for hunting and fishing, as they are stable and sharp, so you can skin the meat or slice through it, without any hassle! Our commitment and passion to provide our customers with the best service, whether they are looking for collectibles or utility knives, has made Falcon Sphere a trusted name, since 2015.

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